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Sexuality is a secret and most sensitive aspect of the personality of every individual. Every person undergoes various phases of his life i.e. childhood, adolescence, youth, elderly and old age. During these phases he/she may suffer from some sexual problem, which in turn can create low self-esteem and low self-respect. These individuals suffering from sexual problems are always in search of a doctor who can treat their problem.

In medical sciences, many disciplines have emerged. In reproductive health, we have many specialities like Obstetrics & Gynecology, Endocrinology, Urology/Andrology etc. Yet Sexual Health is often ignored in Medical fraternity. Sexual medicine is emerging as a separate speciality to cater to the need of those who have sexual problems.

The most important advantage of Sexology as a discipline is that it can provide comprehensive care to those suffering from some sexual difficulties. also it can prevent individuals to fall prey to many quacks proclaiming as a Sex-Specialist.

Sex Counseling and Therapy includes comprehensive assessment of patients and identifying organic, psychogenic or functional cause of dysfunction. Treating the patient according to the cause is the essence of counseling. Patient is dealt with confidential and comfortable atmosphere by efficient counseling.